It’s important to shop around to ensure you purchase the right fire extinguisher for your needs. 

Fire extinguishers save lives. Having one is important, but ensuring you have the right fit is even more important. Extinguishers are certainly not a one size fits all solution, which is a good thing, as they can be highly customisable to the needs of your organisation. Shopping at a specialty fire equipment store like Fire Equipment Online is a surefire way to ensure you end up with the right extinguisher for your needs. On the other hand, trying to source a one size fits all product from a department or hardware store can be less effective. Here’s why: 


Choosing the right kind of fire extinguisher is no easy task

With five common fire extinguisher types in Australia available, it can be a bit of a puzzle to determine what kind of extinguisher your organisation needs. It’s crucial that you get this right though, as selecting the wrong extinguisher type can be a fatal mistake. For example, accidentally using a water extinguisher on an oil fire can set off a disastrous explosion. Using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on a chemical fire can create a terrifying chemical reaction. You simply can’t afford to get it wrong. 

Here’s the lowdown on each type of extinguisher:

  1. Water extinguishers should be used in Class A fires, which are caused by ordinary combustibles like rubber, wood, paper and textiles. These can be dangerous if used to put out Class E electrical fires, or Class F fires caused by cooking oils and fats. 
  2. Foam extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires caused by combustible materials, as well as Class B fires, which are caused by flammable and/or combustible liquids. However, they can be dangerous if used on Class E electrical fires.
  3. Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are mostly used for Class E electrical fires, which involve electrical equipment like heaters, kitchen appliances and computers. However, these extinguishers have only limited effectiveness on Class A, B, and C fires caused by flammable gases.
  4. Dry Chemical Powder ABE extinguishers discharge a powder that absorbs the fuel from the fire source. They’re suitable for a range of fires, including Class A, Class B, Class C and Class E.
  5.  Wet Chemical: Wet chemical extinguishers stop the fire from breathing. They’re most suitable for extinguishing Class F fires, kitchen fires caused by fats or oils. However, they can also be used for Class A, combustible material fires.

To make matters more confusing, it’s only the type of fire extinguisher that you’ll need to think about. There are numerous other important considerations: What size of fire extinguisher is right for your needs? The list goes on and on. By purchasing your fire extinguisher from an expert in fire equipment like us, you can be sure the unique needs of your organisation are being met – helping save time, reduce costs, and more importantly, preventing harm.


Shopping at your local department store or hardware shop

Your local Kmart or Bunnings may stock fire extinguishers, but they may not stock the correct one for you. Plus, as these stores are not fire equipment specialty shops, they may not be able to tell you which type of equipment is right for your needs. 

Fire Equipment Online offers an extensive range of fire safety equipment and fire accessories that cater to the diverse requirements of Australian businesses. We have niche products that you can’t purchase elsewhere, like extra large fire extinguishers or fire equipment to fight rarer Class D fires caused by combustible metals. What’s more, quality is guaranteed with us. We only supply top-of-the-line fire products that comply with all relevant regulations and Australian Standards. This provides the ultimate peace of mind in knowing your premises are protected. 

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Want to learn more about what fire safety equipment is right for you? Fire Equipment Online is here to help. Our highly-qualified experts will help find the most affordable and most well-suited fire extinguisher solution for you, no matter how unique your requirements may be. Contact us today for more information.