Fire Hose Reels


Fire hose reels are the perfect solution for extinguishing class A fires.

Class A fires include fires involving paper, wood, textiles, rubber, and other solid materials.  As a first attack piece of equipment, fire hose reels can often prevent fires from reaching a point beyond control.

It is essential that staff are familiar with how to use their fire hose reel in addition to their fire extinguishers.

Important note!
Fire hose reels should not be used on fires caused by electricity, petrol or oil, and cooking fats.

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher

How To Use A Fire Hose Reel?

In the event of fire, there is no time to stop and think.

Knowing how to use your fire hose reel could be the difference between minor damages or extreme tragedy.

All occupants should know the locations of fire hose reels, and method of use:

  • Check your surroundings – warn other occupants of the situation
  • Call “000”
  • If there is an allocated fire warden, notify them of the situation
  • Make sure the fire is not an electrical fire
  • Make sure the water is turned on before approaching the fire
  • Pull the hose, the reel should unwind as you walk towards the fire
  • Rotate the nozzle and aim the water towards the base of the fire
  • If at any stage an element of risk becomes present, evacuate immediately

Where To Position A Fire Hose Reel?

Australian standard AS 2441 dictates the rules and regulations in regards to fire hose reel locations.

The following rules must apply:

  • Located along the normal paths of exit
  • Positioned within 1.5m to 2.4m height above the floor level
  • Not located in a position which could create danger to the user
  • Not positioned in fire-isolated exists
  •  Clear of obstructions and at least 100mm clearance around the handwheel

Fire Hose Reel Accessories

When Is A Fire Hose Reel Sign Required?

Fire hose reel signage is required above or adjacent to each fire hose reel.

The fire hose reel signs must be installed above 2m, or at a height that makes them easily visible for a person of average height.

The fire hose reel sign shall have a border, symbol and white text on a red background.

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Fire Hose Reel Sign

When To Use A Fire Hose Reel Cabinet?

A fire hose reel cabinet is required when the fire hose reel is installed in an external situation or an aggressive environment.

Using a fire hose reel cabinet protects the fire hose reel from the harsh conditions of the environment.

Some situations where a fire hose reel cabinet should be considered:

  • External situations where the fire hose reel could potentially be damaged by the sun, wind, rain, heat, or ultraviolet radiation.
  • Areas with extremely dusty or moisture-laden environments.
  • Environments with a risk of intense or consistent vibrations.
  • Areas with corrosive atmospheres and environments with extremes of temperature.
Fire Hose Reel Cabinet


Make sure the fire hose reel cabinet does not obstruct the travel path, or create an obstruction for the hose to be run out.

Additionally, the cabinet shall be marked with the words ‘FIRE HOSE REEL’ in easily readable colour with the letters being at least 50mm high.

Fire Hose Reel covers can be considered as an alternative to a fire hose reel cabinet.

Additional Tips

  • Fire hose reels must be serviced every 6 months.
  • Fire hose reels, like fire extinguishers, must carry a maintenance tag that shows their last inspection date.

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