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What kind of fire safety equipment is right for me?

With hundreds of different fire safety products on the market, finding the right fit can be a challenge.  Fire safety equipment comes in different styles, colours, classifications and sizes. Having such a variety of options at your disposal is a good thing because it means there’s likely to be a product that perfectly matches your [...]

Fire extinguisher Bunnings: Things you should know

Should I purchase a fire extinguisher from my local hardware shop?  Many people have asked us whether or not the fire extinguishers sold at Bunnings and other hardware shops are safe to buy. The answer is that they probably are – most commercially available fire extinguishers which are compliant with Australian and New Zealand standard [...]

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: A guide

When, where and how should I use a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher? Your questions answered.     Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, also known as ABE Fire Extinguishers, are a great multi purpose stainless steel dry chemical fire extinguisher that deliver a solid level of fire protection. They are one of the most popular fire extinguishers out [...]

When should I use a fire hose reel?

Fire hose reels are an easy-to-use form of fire equipment which can help you to respond faster to a fire emergency.    When can I use a fire hose reel? Ideal for fighting a fire in its early stages, fire hose reels are most suitable for Class A Fires, commonly caused by normal combustibles like [...]

The importance of fire safety training in Australia

Fire safety training can be a company’s best asset, enabling staff to extinguish a fire before it devastates the property.   Everyone knows fires can be extremely dangerous but people often brush this off, thinking that it won’t happen to them, or that the risk is low. This is a huge mistake. Nobody is immune [...]

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What type of fire extinguisher is best for an electrical fire?

Electrical fires are a fire class of their own, which means they require a specialist fire extinguisher.   Electrical fires, also known as Class E fires are ignited by electrical equipment such as motors, switchboards and electrical appliances. These sorts of fires need to be treated differently, because unlike fires caused by ordinary combustibles – [...]

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Fire extinguisher colour codes: what do they mean?

Not all fires are the same – certain chemicals are more effective at putting out certain types of fires Where combustible materials vary in your facility or workplace, so should the contents of your fire extinguishers. Understanding fire extinguisher colour codes is crucial to safety and wellbeing. It can mean the difference between effectively putting [...]

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How often should I test my fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguisher testing isn’t just a legal requirement, it’s vital to overall safety. Your extinguisher is your first line of defence against any fire. A working fire extinguisher can mean the difference between a small fire that’s extinguished early, and an out-of-control blaze that puts people in danger. Simply having a fire extinguisher is not [...]

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