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Disposable vs Refillable Fire Extinguishers: What’s Right for Me?

Like cars, fire extinguishers often cost more than their initial investment. While it can be tempting to buy a disposable fire extinguisher, it’s important to consider whether a refillable extinguisher will save you time and money in the long run, depending on your organisation’s needs and risks. Here are some important things to consider when [...]

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What Maintenance Does Fire Equipment Need?

Maintaining your fire equipment is crucial. It’s not only a compliance requirement, but a safety imperative to keep your people and equipment safe. After all, fire extinguisher maintenance could mean the difference between a manageable fire, or an out-of-control blaze that reeks harm and havoc. What fire equipment maintenance you’ll require depends on a range [...]

4 Safety tips for using a fire extinguisher

If you want your fire extinguishers to keep people and property safe, it’s essential that you operate them in the most effective way possible. Choosing the right extinguishers, using them correctly and maintaining them throughout their lifespan is critical to the safety and effectiveness of your equipment. Here are 4 tips we’ve put together to [...]

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What’s the best fire extinguisher for my needs? 

There are dozens of fire extinguishers available on the market, in a range of different colours, classifications and sizes. Having such a variety of options at your disposal is good: it means there is likely to be a product that perfectly matches your needs. However, this variety also makes it daunting to decide which is [...]

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Your Fire Extinguisher Signs Will Protect Your Assets

Did you know that with the correct signs, charts and symbols, it is easy to identify and ensure you use the right fire extinguisher. Each fire extinguisher in Australia has different signage so it is important to ensure the correct signs are used. Fire Extinguisher Signs Fire extinguisher signs are [...]

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6 Fire Extinguisher Classes In Australia

In any business or dwelling, the risk of fire is present, consequently it is important to know that not all fires are the same. The 6 classes of fire in Australia are… Class A – Ordinary combustibles Class B – Flammable liquids Class C – Flammable gases Class D – Combustible metals Class E [...]

Foam Fire Extinguisher – What Colour Band And What Is It Used For?

Over the years foam fire extinguishers have evolved into a more efficient type of fire extinguisher. The original foam extinguisher was once filled with a thick and smelly substance based on animal protein, these days a more advanced solution of aqueous film foaming foam (AFFF) is used. You will find all the information you [...]

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