Which boat fire extinguisher is right for my needs?

ABE fire extinguishers are a common choice for boat owners looking to protect themselves and their property – here’s why.  People sometimes think boats must somehow be protected against fires because they reside on the water. This is certainly not the case – in fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Fires on boats are a [...]

Should I purchase a white fire extinguisher?

We’ve put together this guide to ABE fire extinguishers so you can decide if this is the right extinguisher for you. ABE fire extinguishers are distinguished by a white coloured band around the top of the cylinder. These extinguishers are one of the most popular on the market. Not only are they extremely efficient on [...]

Vehicle Fire Extinguishers: Which one is right for me?

Vehicle fires are very dangerous but somewhat common – thankfully fire extinguishers can help minimise the risk.  Fire extinguishers aren’t only for buildings, they’re also a very important safety feature to have in your car, van or truck. As far as your vehicle is concerned, this small piece of safety equipment could mean the difference [...]

Fire extinguisher where to buy – Where should I buy a fire extinguisher?

It's important to shop around to ensure you purchase the right fire extinguisher for your needs.  Fire extinguishers save lives. Having one is important, but ensuring you have the right fit is even more important. Extinguishers are certainly not a one size fits all solution, which is a good thing, as they can be highly [...]

Is a small fire extinguisher right for my needs?

Size is a necessary consideration when you’re shopping around for a fire extinguisher.    Choosing the right size of extinguisher is a very important safety concern that is often overlooked by businesses. In many cases people assume that bigger is better when it comes to extinguishers because larger equipment is more powerful and has more [...]

Fire extinguisher Supercheap Auto: Things you need to know

Should I purchase a fire extinguisher from a hardware store or auto parts dealer?   It’s common for people to ask us whether it’s safe to purchase a fire extinguisher from a local hardware store like Supercheap Auto. The answer is most likely a yes if you are in Australia or New Zealand, thanks to [...]

What are the different types of fire safety equipment?

There are dozens of different types of fire safety products, and each of these have a very different purpose.  Fire safety equipment can come in multiple different kinds, classifications, styles and colours. Having so many different options means you’ll be very likely to find the perfect match for your needs, but it also makes it [...]

What kind of fire safety equipment is right for me?

With hundreds of different fire safety products on the market, finding the right fit can be a challenge.  Fire safety equipment comes in different styles, colours, classifications and sizes. Having such a variety of options at your disposal is a good thing because it means there’s likely to be a product that perfectly matches your [...]

Fire extinguisher Bunnings: Things you should know

Should I purchase a fire extinguisher from my local hardware shop?  Many people have asked us whether or not the fire extinguishers sold at Bunnings and other hardware shops are safe to buy. The answer is that they probably are – most commercially available fire extinguishers which are compliant with Australian and New Zealand standard [...]

Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers: A guide

When, where and how should I use a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher? Your questions answered.     Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, also known as ABE Fire Extinguishers, are a great multi purpose stainless steel dry chemical fire extinguisher that deliver a solid level of fire protection. They are one of the most popular fire extinguishers out [...]

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