Fire blankets offer great protection against a blaze – here’s how to make the most of this product.  

A fire blanket is a large piece of fabric made up of fire-resistant fibres, usually comprising of woven glass. In a fire emergency, you place the blanket on top of the flames to smother them, or wrap the blanket around a person whose clothing has caught alight. Fire Equipment Online has put together 3 top tips to help you understand how, when and where to use this piece of equipment most effectively.


  1. Understand what situations require a fire blanket

As water is not effective at putting out fires caused by oils and fats, fire blankets as well as Class F Wet Chemical fire extinguisher(extinguishers with a tan coloured band) are the best equipment for a kitchen fire. A fire blanket can also be used to wrap around somebody if their clothes have caught on fire.


  1. Store your fire blanket safely

Fire blankets, like all fire equipment, is most useful when its easily accessible and safe to access. This is why you should stow your fire blanket near (but not too close) to where a fire may break out. You should never place a fire blanket above a stove, as a fire could compromise access to the blanket. Instead, you might place the fire blanket near the doorway to the kitchen, so you have a clear path to safety in the event that the fire escalates and you need to evacuate.


  1. Learn how to use this piece of equipment safety

In case of a kitchen fire you should:

  1. Pull the tabs hanging from the bottom of the packet to release the blanket
  2. Hold the blanket in front of you. Ensure the fabric is rolled back at the edges to keep your hands protected
  3. Carefully place (do not throw) the fire blanket over the fire, ensuring your hands, arms, face and body are safely behind it
  4. Lay the blanket above the fire, careful to avoid the sides of the blanket, as flames can run over the sides and on to your hands
  5. Once fire is contained, to stop it from reigniting, you should turn off the heat source and leave the blanket over the area for at least 15-20 minutes until there is no longer heat present

In case of a clothing fire you should:

  1. Wrap the blanket around the person and the flames
  2. Have them drop to the floor and roll around until the fire is out
  3. Seek medical assistance for the person immediately.


Australian Standards

To use your fire blanket in Australia, it must be Australian Standards approved — AS/NZS 3504:2006 – Fire blankets, measuring no less than 1 metre by 1 metre. At Fire Equipment Online, all our equipment complies with Australian Standards. You can browse our range of fire blankets here.


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