Portable fire extinguishers are often disregarded as merely red canisters hanging on the wall, but as soon as there’s a fire, they become the most important item in the room. Extinguishers are crucial to safety in the event of a fire emergency, acting as a first line of defence against costly damage. They often mean the difference between a minor issue and a full-blown disaster. Here are three of the key benefits of having a portable fire extinguisher:

1. They’re portable

Portable means easy enough to move around. You can pick up the extinguisher and quickly use it at the scene of the blaze, offering reliable and straightforward protection against a fire. While they’re not as impactful as professional firefighting equipment at the Fire Station, they offer the benefit of immediacy. A portable extinguisher can help you put out the fire quickly, stopping damage before the fire fighters even need to be called. Did you know almost 80 per cent of business and home fires can be put out by a trained individual using a portable fire extinguisher? This statistic speaks volumes about the importance of fire extinguishers. However, it’s still important to remember that there are many different types of extinguishers, catering to the different needs of each facility and the specific fire class and risks present there. This means you can maximise your chance of successfully putting out a fire with the right equipment. Click here if you’re unsure what kind of fire equipment is best for your needs.

2. They’re better for the environment

Not only does smoke in the air hurt our lungs and make the air unpleasant to breathe. Uncontrolled fires also wreak havoc on the environment, releasing greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that cause global warming. These gases can also disrupt wildlife and make people ill. When you use a portable extinguisher to put out a blaze early on, you reduce the amount of harmful pollutants being released, while also reducing the amount of water required to fight the fire, helping minimise impact on the environment.

3. They save lives

Property fires kill millions of people around the world each year. A small fire is unlikely to harm a person, but when a fire spreads out of control, it becomes far more difficult for people to escape. When a portable fire extinguisher is present, the blaze is likely to become contained and less likely to spread out of control, making escape far more probable. Safety absolutely should come first, which is why portable fire extinguishers are an absolute non-negotiable.

Still, it’s important to remember that having a fire extinguisher does not guarantee protection. Buildings and premises must also ensure the equipment receives adequate maintenance, and that staff members are well-trained in the use of the equipment. For more info about using a fire extinguisher, read our top four safety tips for using a fire extinguisher.

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