Home fire extinguisher – which is right for me?

ABE fire extinguishers, alongside fire blankets, are a common choice for protecting homes across Australia from fires.  Why are ABE Fire Extinguishers ideal for the home?ABE fire extinguishers (also known as a dry powder or dry chemical fire extinguishers) are filled with a powdered extinguishing agent that spreads easily and melts over flames. Within moments of [...]

Which boat fire extinguisher is right for my needs?

ABE fire extinguishers are a common choice for boat owners looking to protect themselves and their property – here’s why.  People sometimes think boats must somehow be protected against fires because they reside on the water. This is certainly not the case – in fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Fires on boats are a [...]

Is a small fire extinguisher right for my needs?

Size is a necessary consideration when you’re shopping around for a fire extinguisher.    Choosing the right size of extinguisher is a very important safety concern that is often overlooked by businesses. In many cases people assume that bigger is better when it comes to extinguishers because larger equipment is more powerful and has more [...]

What are the different types of fire safety equipment?

There are dozens of different types of fire safety products, and each of these have a very different purpose.  Fire safety equipment can come in multiple different kinds, classifications, styles and colours. Having so many different options means you’ll be very likely to find the perfect match for your needs, but it also makes it [...]

Fire extinguisher Kmart: What you need to know

Is it safe to purchase a fire extinguisher from Kmart or my local department store?  We commonly get asked whether it’s safe to buy a fire extinguisher from Kmart. The answer is yes – probably – Australia and New Zealand have a number of Standards, such as AS/NZ1841.5, in place to ensure fire equipment sold [...]

Fire extinguisher Bunnings: Things you should know

Should I purchase a fire extinguisher from my local hardware shop?  Many people have asked us whether or not the fire extinguishers sold at Bunnings and other hardware shops are safe to buy. The answer is that they probably are – most commercially available fire extinguishers which are compliant with Australian and New Zealand standard [...]

When should I use a fire hose reel?

Fire hose reels are an easy-to-use form of fire equipment which can help you to respond faster to a fire emergency.    When can I use a fire hose reel? Ideal for fighting a fire in its early stages, fire hose reels are most suitable for Class A Fires, commonly caused by normal combustibles like [...]

Our comprehensive emergency lighting checklist

Emergency and exit lighting is a very important aspect of any emergency evacuation plan. For your building to be safe in the event of fire, you’ll need to create a clearly visible evacuation path. Regular lighting often fails in an emergency, compromising the path to safety. Exit and Emergency lighting therefore enables individuals and to [...]

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