Fire safety training can be a company’s best asset, enabling staff to extinguish a fire before it devastates the property.


Everyone knows fires can be extremely dangerous but people often brush this off, thinking that it won’t happen to them, or that the risk is low. This is a huge mistake. Nobody is immune from fire. A blaze can ravage a business, damaging anything that stands in its way, including people. Thankfully, you can dramatically increase the likelihood that your business will emerge unscathed from a fire emergency by investing in simple fire process and equipment training for your staff. With adequate training, your employees will be able to not only keep a fire from spreading out of control, but to prevent the fire from occurring in the first place. Here are the key reasons why fire safety training is essential:


Learning how to respond to a fire emergency

Fires spread out of control rapidly and it is mere milliseconds that often mean the difference between an out of control blaze and one that is extinguished in time. Fire safety training ensures your staff gain a good understanding of best-practice safety procedures and how to operate fire equipment. If an individual has not been trained adequately on how to use fire equipment, they will waste valuable time in an emergency.

Fire extinguishers are certainly not easy to use for the first time when someone is under enormous pressure to deal with a real fire front of them. To make this even more confusing, there are also a number of different types of extinguishers: Water, Foam, Carbon DioxideDry Chemical Powder ABE and Wet Chemical. The type of extinguisher used will be based on the unique fire risks posed by your business. It’s critical that your staff are trained in accordance.

Alongside understanding how to use equipment, your staff should also be trained in your business’ emergency plan and route. This should involve regular practice drills. Staff should also be shown how to activate a fire alarm and shown where to go should a fire break out in various parts of your building. Having this solid understanding of what they need to do during a fire will instil confidence in your team, improving the chance of everyone being able to put out the fire and escaping to safety, as quickly and effectively as possible, with the minimal amount of damage or injury.


Being able to prevent risks all together

As they say, prevention is better than a cure. Being able to stop a fire is much safer than trying to handle an existing blaze. One of the most useful things your employees will learn during fire safety training is how to recognise the initial fire hazards. They will learn what poses the most dangerous fire risks and what the key fire hazards are in your workplace.

By having the skill to identify the different kinds of hazards, staff will develop a far better chance of preventing fires before they even happen. For example, employees working around food preparation can be trained extensively in what causes Kitchen Fires and how to avoid them. Similarly, if they’re working around equipment such appliances or electronics, they will need training in Electrical Fires. This is the same with companies that use flammable gases or combustible metals.

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