50m x 19mm Fire Hose Reels


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50m x 19mm Fire Hose Reel (Wall-mounted)

Fire Fighting Hose Reel for 50 Metre Hose

  • Hose Reel-wall mounted
  • Hose length: 50 metres x 19mm
  • Supplied with:
    • high quality brass twist nozzle
    • mounting bracket
    • inlet pipe
    • ball valve
    • hose guide
    • connection fitting

Fire Equipment Online Australian Trust Badge

Fire Equipment Online Trust Badge


This durable fire hose reel is manufactured at the highest quality, in compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZS1221.

It’s highly effective at combating Class A type fires, providing an accessible water supply source to fight against fire emergencies. It also has simple control requirements for ease of use.

At Fire Equipment Online, we have several types of Fire Hose Reels available to meet your specific requirements. Our range also includes a 36m hose reel, & a 36m stainless steel hose reel for areas subject to corrosion.


Your hose reel must be identified with signage if kept in a cupboard or enclosure.

When should I use this fire hose reel?

Our fire hose reels can be used to protect against fires in a number of residential, commercial and industrial environments.

  • Class A – Caused by normal combustibles like wood, paper, cloth, plastic or rubber 

What does it come with?

Your new Hose Reel comes with the following:

  • mounting bracket
  • inlet pipe
  • ball valve
  • hose guide
  • connection fitting

What else do I require?

If your hose reel is stored in a cupboard it will require an identification sign. Your signage can be purchased here.

We also sell fire hose reel covers and cabinets to maximise the safety of this product. 

At Fire Equipment Online, all fire hose reels come with a year manufacturing warranty. All our products are also tested and certified for compliance. You can obtain a test certificate from our office.

Shipping costs
Our shipping costs are calculated at checkout. As a general guide we can ship to the CBD for $15, with freight nationally from $15 to $50. 

All our products are advertised as GST-inclusive.

Buy now for peace of mind!
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    Thanks for the discount on all my fire equipment!!!

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