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Foam Fire Extinguishers

  • 9.0 Litre ECO Foam Fire Extinguisher

    Foam fire extinguishers contain foam that rapidly creates a film, smothering the fire’s oxygen and knocking down its flames.
    • Contains FireSaint Enviro Firefighting Foam
    • Works on Carbon/Wood (A) fires and liquid fires (B)
    • Comes with hose
    • Fire rating 3A:20B
    • Comes with Wall Mounting Bracket and Maintenance Tag
    • Dimensions: 180mm x 638mm
    • Full Weight: 13Kg
  • 45-Litre Foam Mobile Fire Extinguisher

    This large (CLASS B) AFFF foam mobile fire extinguisher is highly effective at putting out fires in airports and large factories that use and store combustible liquids.
    • Total height: 1050mm
    • Cylinder height: 900mm
    • Cylinder diameter: 300mm
    • Minimum wall thickness: 1.8mm
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Width wheel - wheel: 430mm
    • Nozzle diameter: 12mm
    • Hose length: 4 metres
    • Discharge time: >50 seconds
    • Discharge distance: 6 metres
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