Fire ExtinguisherIt is essential to have a correctly installed fire extinguisher in your building or workplace in the event of a small fire.

In most cases, a fire extinguisher is the first response and could potentially minimise the chance of damage, injury and loss of costs to your business or building.

An incorrectly installed fire extinguisher could result in insurance companies denying your claim.

The following article will cover the correct procedures and important factors that you will need to consider when installing a fire extinguisher in your workplace or building.

Fire Extinguisher location in a building

How Do I Find The Right Location For My Fire Extinguisher?

You will need to consider the environment in which the fire extinguisher will be installed.

It is imperative that each fire extinguisher is to be installed in an easily accessible and visible position within your environment, this will ensure it will be readily available in the event of an emergency.

Other factors to consider when choosing a location are as follows.

  • TheĀ type of wallĀ that the fire extinguisher is going to be mounted on. Ensure the correct fixings are used for this wall type. Contact Us for questions regarding this.
  • TheĀ weightĀ of the fire extinguisher. For larger extinguishers it may be required to find a stud or timber to fix to.
  • Taking precaution to avoidĀ cables and pipesĀ behind the installation wall.
  • TheĀ amount of trafficĀ and theĀ potential for damage. Is there a chance that machinery could knock the extinguisher off the bracket?

Fire Extinguisher Brackets ā€“ What Height Should They Be?

Fire Extinguisher Bracket

  • Maximum 1200mmĀ from the floor to the top of the fire extinguisher handle.
  • Minimum 100mmĀ from the floor to the bottom of the fire extinguisher.

Ensure that the manufacturer supplied bracket is used to support the fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Signage and Requirements

Fire Extinguisher Tag

There are a few steps to follow when displaying the corresponding signs.

  • Position signage at a Min ā€“ 2000mm above floor level and at a point that makes them most apparent to a person of average height & visual acuity.
  • The fire extinguisher sign shall be clearly visible for up to 20 metres on approach.
  • The size of the sign shall be determined by location and distance at which the sign must be clearly readable and within sight.
  • A minimum of one fire extinguisher location sign must be provided above or adjacent to an extinguisher or group of extinguishers.
  • The fire extinguisher location signs are required to have a symbol, border and letters in white on a red field, to ensure that it complies with Australian Standard (AS) 2700.
  • Right angle fire extinguisher location signs can also be purchased to ensure the signs are clearly visible.
  • Although not a requirement, it is highly recommended that an ID Sign is to be installed above or adjacent the fire extinguisher.Ā  Every second counts in the event of an emergency and this will ensure the correct fire extinguisher is used for that class of fire.
  • Be sure that each extinguisher is fitted with a fire extinguisher tag that will indicate the maintenance and service history of that piece of equipment.

When Is A Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Required?

There are a few factors that determine the need for a fire extinguisher cabinet:


If your fire extinguisher is located outdoors it is recommended that a fire extinguisher cabinet is used to store your extinguisher in.

Fire extinguisher cabinets protect the fire extinguisher from the earths atmosphere and as such greatly increase the lifespan of your fire extinguisher. Constant exposure to wet weather, sun or salty air can damage the fire extinguisher.

The last thing you want is for your fire extinguisher to fail in that vital situation so it is imperative you follow the correct procedures.

fire extinguisher cabinet with vandalism


Storing your fire extinguisher in a locked fire extinguisher cabinet will eliminate the risk it could pose to children should it be accessible to them. You can purchase a fire extinguisher cabinet with a 003 lock & key here.

Theft and vandalism

A locked fire extinguisher cabinet can discourage the possibility of theft and vandalism and ensure that the fire extinguisher is not misused.

With all of these factors carefully considered and implemented your fire extinguisher will remain a very valuable and essential piece of equipment for your workplace or building.

For additional information on fire extinguishers and how to use them refer toĀ How To Use A Fire Extinguisher ā€“ PASS Technique.

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