Almost all common fires can be avoided with the correct equipment, fire safety knowledge and effective training.

House fires can be very easy to start and very hard to put out. As we’ve seen with the recent bush fires, Australia’s hot summer months teamed with our dry weather are the ideal conditions for a fire to cause real damage. Here are five main causes of fires in Australia:


  1. Cooking equipment

Pots and pan often catch alight if left unattended, leading to the spread of fire. If you’re cooking, always remain in the room, and never ever leave your home, under any circumstances.


  1. Heating equipment

Portable heating equipment emanates extreme heat and causes intense fires. It should therefore be kept at least a metre away from clothing, curtains, furniture or anything that could possibly catch alight.


  1. Smoking in bed

Even today, cigarettes are still one of the largest causes of fires. They can remain alight for hours even after being put out, finding their way to household combustibles. Never smoke inside and always ensure cigarettes are completely out.


  1. Electrical equipment

Power points are a large hazard. They can become overloaded with adapters, leading to the overuse of electricity, while extension cords can cause fires if not used appropriately. Other kinds of appliances, like toasters, also become faulty over time, eventually creating fire hazards. If your appliances are old or damaged, it may be time to invest in newer, safer ones.


  1. Candles

While candles look nice set the mood, they’re a common fire starter. If you’re lighting a candle, keep it far from any flammable items, like books, tissues or curtains, and lever leave it unattended.


Here are some other tips to help reduce your fire risk:


Choose the right equipment for your needs

There are dozens of types of equipment available on the market, in a range of classifications and sizes. Having such a variety of options at your disposal means it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. It’s important to ensure you find the perfect fit – the wrong equipment can cause problems, and sometimes make a fire worse.


Ensure you know how to use your equipment

Even if you’re not operating in a high-risk environment, it’s still important that you understand how and when to use a fire extinguisher or any other form of equipment – after all, fires can strike anywhere, anytime. Confidently operating your equipment in these circumstances can be a literal lifesaver.


Carry out regular maintenance

Maintaining your fire equipment could mean the difference between a manageable fire, or an out-of-control blaze. What type of maintenance you’ll need depends on a range of factors, from the  type of equipment to the class of fire you may be dealing with.


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