Is it safe to purchase a fire extinguisher from Kmart or my local department store? 

We commonly get asked whether it’s safe to buy a fire extinguisher from Kmart. The answer is yes – probably – Australia and New Zealand have a number of Standards, such as AS/NZ1841.5, in place to ensure fire equipment sold across the country is safe to use. However, it’s important to remember that if you’re shopping at your local department store, you’re unlikely to have the same amount of choice, or the expert guidance at your fingertips that you would have from purchasing from a specialist fire equipment store. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing your fire equipment from a specialist team like Fire Equipment Online: 


Understanding the vast array of products  
It’s no easy feat to find the right fire extinguisher for you: they come in a multitude of different colours, classifications and sizes. Picking the right equipment without the help of an expert can be incredibly stressful, and sometimes even dangerous. Do you know about all the different fire extinguisher product categories, types and classes on offer? Check out just some below:

Classes of fire extinguisher
There are six very different classes of fire risks: 

  • Class A – Ordinary combustibles
  • Class B – Flammable liquids
  • Class C – Flammable gases
  • Class D – Combustible metals
  • Class E – Electrical equipment
  • Class F – Cooking oils and fats

Types of fire extinguisher
There are five common types of fire extinguishers on sale in Australia. Each of these have been specifically designed to fight the different classes of risks above. Each class of fire will require a different type of extinguisher to put out any given sort of blaze. These include:

As if all that isn’t daunting enough, there are a number of other important considerations to think about, such as: 

Extinguisher sizes range between 1.0 KG and 45.0KG. Larger extinguishers are more expensive, but worth it in particularly high-risk areas in a facility. How do you know if you need a tiny one, a larger one or anything in between?

Rechargeable vs disposable:
A disposable product is cheaper at the initial purchase stage, but is more expensive over the long run, but a refillable one could end up cheaper in the long run and more environmentally friendly. 

Too much choice!
As you can see, there’s an abundance of variety involved in shopping for a fire extinguisher. This is a good thing, as it means there is likely to be a product that matches the complex needs of your organisation. However, this variety also makes it difficult to decide which one is best for you. What’s more, it’s essential you find the perfect fit when it comes selecting your fire fighting equipment. The right product could be the savior of your business, your property and even lives. Your average Kmart representative may know a lot about all the products available in their store but this is unlikely to beat the detailed level of knowledge that a specialist in fire equipment can offer you. 

Steering clear of dangerous blunders
While choosing the correct fire extinguisher for your means can save lives, choosing the wrong equipment can in fact cause a great deal of harm. Not only can an incorrect extinguisher be ineffective at fighting a blaze, but it can also be dangerous, and even fatal, when used on a fire with a different rating or class. For example, if you accidentally use a water extinguisher on an oil fire, you can unknowingly set off a disastrous explosion. If you use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on a chemical fire, you could cause a terrifying chemical reaction. By purchasing your fire extinguisher from an expert organisation, you can be sure the unique needs of your organisation are being met: helping save time, reduce costs, and more importantly, preventing harm. 

Finding a product that truly fits your needs 

A specialist fire equipment organisation like Fire Equipment Online has an extensive range of fire safety products, catering to the vast and varied needs of organisations like yours. We have niche products that you’re very unlikely to find at Kmart, such as larger fire extinguishers, or fire equipment for less-common Class D fires. Plus, we also guarantee quality – our fire suppression products are top-of-the-line. They’re totally compliant with all relevant regulations and Australian Standards. When you shop with us, you’ll have valuable peace of mind, knowing your premises are as protected as they can be. 

Want to learn more about what fire extinguisher is right for you? Fire Equipment Online is here to help. Our highly-qualified experts will help find the most affordable and most well-suited fire extinguisher solution for you, no matter how unique your requirements may be. Contact us today for more information.