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Fire extinguisher Supercheap Auto: Things you need to know

Should I purchase a fire extinguisher from a hardware store or auto parts dealer?   It’s common for people to ask us whether it’s safe to purchase a fire extinguisher from a local hardware store like Supercheap Auto. The answer is most likely a yes if you are in Australia or New Zealand, thanks to [...]

What are the different types of fire safety equipment?

There are dozens of different types of fire safety products, and each of these have a very different purpose.  Fire safety equipment can come in multiple different kinds, classifications, styles and colours. Having so many different options means you’ll be very likely to find the perfect match for your needs, but it also makes it [...]

Fire extinguisher Kmart: What you need to know

Is it safe to purchase a fire extinguisher from Kmart or my local department store?  We commonly get asked whether it’s safe to buy a fire extinguisher from Kmart. The answer is yes – probably – Australia and New Zealand have a number of Standards, such as AS/NZ1841.5, in place to ensure fire equipment sold [...]

What kind of fire safety equipment is right for me?

With hundreds of different fire safety products on the market, finding the right fit can be a challenge.  Fire safety equipment comes in different styles, colours, classifications and sizes. Having such a variety of options at your disposal is a good thing because it means there’s likely to be a product that perfectly matches your [...]

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